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All rates are subject to availability and are subject to change without notice, A 20% standard service charge is added to all prices. Rates do not apply for prom.

Houston Airport TransfersPer P/U
2-3 Passenger Town Car Sedan$69.99+
3-5 Passenger SUV Escalade$79.99+
1-3 Passenger Mercedes S550$199.99+
1-2 Passenger Mercedes S550 Coupe$214.99+
1-3 Passenger Audi A8L Presidential$179.99+
4-6 Passenger Stretch Limo$124.99
8-10 Passenger Super Stretch Limo$124.99
10 Passenger Magnum Limousine$129.99
18 Passenger H2 Hummer Limo$199.99
22 Passenger Mammoth SUV Limo$274.99
18 Passenger Luxury Limo Bus$195.00
20 Passenger Luxury Limo Bus$199.99
22 Passenger KK69 Limo Bus$199.99
24 Passenger KK25 Limo Bus$224.99
28 Passenger KK95 Limousine Bus$299.99
30 Limo Coach$325.00
36 Limo Coach$445.00
40 Limo Coach$475.00
48 Limo Coach$595.00
20 Luxury Shuttle Bus$195.00
Galveston Cruise TransportationCall
Sunday - Thur (4Hrs. Minimum)Per Hour
2-3 Passenger Town Car Sedan$54.99
3-5 Passenger SUV Escalade$64.99
1-3 Passenger Mercedes S550$89.99+
1-2 Passenger Mercedes S550 Coupe$99.99+
1-3 Passenger Audi A8L Presidential$79.99+
4-6 Passenger Stretch Limo$59.99
8-10 Passenger Super Stretch Limo$59.99
10 Passenger Magnum Limousine$64.99
18-20 Passenger H2 Hummer Limo$94.99
22-25 Passenger Mammoth SUV Limo$89.99
18 Passenger Luxury Party Bus$84.99
20 Passenger Luxury Party Bus$89.99
20-22 Passenger KK69 Party Bus$94.99
20-24 Passenger KK25 Party Bus$99.99
28-30 KK95 Party Bus$109.99
30-32 Limo Coach$119.99
34-36 Limo Coach$124.99
40 Limo Coach$134.99
48 Limo Coach$139.99
20 Luxury Shuttle Bus$84.99
Galveston Cruise TransportationCall

Friday (4-5 Hrs. Minimum)Per Hour
2-3 Passenger Town Car Sedan$54.99
3-5 Passenger SUV Escalade$64.99
1-3 Passenger Mercedes S550$99.99
1-2 Passenger Mercedes S550 Coupe$99.99
1-3 Passenger Audi A8L Presidential$79.99
4-6 Passenger Stretch Limo$64.99
8-10 Passenger Super Stretch Limo$64.99
10 Passenger Magnum Limousine$69.99
18-20 Passenger H2 Hummer Limo$99.99
22-25 Passenger Mammoth SUV Limo$94.99+
18 Passenger Party Buses$88.99+
20 Passenger Party Buses$89.99+
22 Passenger Party Buses$94.95+
20-22 Passenger KK69 Party Bus$99.99+
20-24 Passenger KK25 Party Bus$104.99+
28-30 KK95 Party Bus$124.99
30-32 Party Coach$129.99
34-36 Party Coach$134.99
40 Party Coach$144.99
48 Party Coach$159.99
20 Luxury Shuttle Bus$84.99
Saturday (5-6 Hrs. Minimum)Per Hour
2-3 Passenger Town Car Sedan$54.99
3-5 Passenger SUV Escalade$69.99
1-3 Passenger Mercedes S550$99.99
1-2 Passenger Mercedes S550 Coupe$104.99
1-3 Passenger Audi A8L Presidential$89.99
4-6 Passenger Stretch Limo$74.99
8-10 Passenger Super Stretch Limo$77.99
10 Passenger Magnum Limousine$79.99
18-20 Passenger H2 Hummer Limo$124.99
22-25 Passenger Mammoth SUV Limo$119.99+
18 Passenger Party Buses$109.99+
20 Passenger Party Buses$109.99+
22 Passenger Party Buses$114.99+
20-22 Passenger KK69 Party Bus$119.95+
20-24 Passenger KK25 Party Bus$124.99+
28-30 KK95 Party Bus (5-6 Hrs Minimum)$155.99+
30-32 Party Bus (5-6 Hrs Minimum)$159.99+
34-36 Party Coach (6 Hrs Minimum)$185.99+
40 Party Coach (6 Hrs Minimum)$189.99+
48 Party Coach (6 Hrs Minimum)$198.00+
20 Luxury Shuttle Bus$88.99

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A 20% standard service charge is added to all prices. All rates are subject to 5% fuel search. Pick-up / Drop-off service rates are the same as airport transfers. Parking/Tolls are additional. Special seasonal rates and holidays may be slightly higher.Out of zone trips will require an additional charge. SchoolDances and Prom rates are slightly higher. Rates effective January 7, 2017.

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